The 10K run that felt like a half marathon

Last Sunday, 19th June, I ran the 10K Runathon for Macmillan Cancer Support, the charity that supports people affected by cancer by providing a range of services that the NHS frankly isn’t able to offer. It’s a charity very close to my heart.

Nanna iRIS Anne Tom
My grandmother, Nita, top left

In 2003, my beloved grandmother suddenly fell ill. A few days later, we discovered it was ovarian cancer… which had spread. Six weeks later, we were able to bring her home, supported by Macmillan, to live out her last days as peacefully as possible.

The 10K was tough. Though I’ve run 10Ks before for charity, I was like a wobbly hobbling old lady pulling myself along the concrete path through Regents Park. After damaging my left foot last year, then my right earlier this year, I’ve spent more time devouring cake and wading through Netflix than I have at the gym. To add to that, I was born with scoliosis which is getting worse as I get older. My training consisted of juggling lots of creative projects, parties and very little sleep.

10K run with medal 19.06

My joints ached at the 3k mark. I thought my lungs would implode. Worst of all, my playlist was crap. I’d forgotten the crucial importance of a carefully constructed playlist for a run. BUT, I pulled through. With my partner waiting for me at the finish line, and with the memory of nan at the forefront of my mind, I trotted on like a sweaty disgusting mess through the park, trying to think of myself as Rocky. Or Million Dollar Baby. Or Ripley.

I spent the week after walking like John Wayne and bent double like Richard III. I’m only just recovering.

So, I’ve raised just over £300 so far and my fundraising page is still accepting donations. If you’ve read this, please consider donating. All funds go directly to Macmillan Cancer Support, and not to my Krispy Kreme fund. Now, back off to enjoy wine and chocolate.

Thanks so much x