Starburst magazine’s praise for Connie!

I think I must be dreaming, because this has been an exceedingly gleeful week for Connie! The verdict on Connie is now in from Starburst magazine, and it’s a glorious thumbs up!

With compliments all round, I could crack open the champers! It’s an incredible surprise and means a great deal. For this kind of encouragement to come in the same week from SciFiNow AND Starburst is immense.

Big thanks to Starburst, team Connie, the planet! Long may the love continue. And we all want to be loved, don’t we? Even a little foul-mouthed felt puppet.

“Make sure you catch Connie, it’s a pleasant surprise and showcases a talent worth keeping an eye on. 8/10” Starburst

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