A British slasher? Better still, a CHRISTMAS British slasher film? Reader, they do exist, or at least, somehow – this one does!

I joined the exquisite Stevie Webb on the brilliant Brain Rot podcast to chat about the highs, lows and Caroline Munro of the 1984 festive slashfest, Don’t Open Till Christmas.

An incredibly troubled production, this little b-movie delight serves up a Christmas slay ride with a masked killer on the loose in London roasting the chestnuts of anyone dressed as Santa to rid the world of all the evil of the holiday season.

Brain Rot deep dives into the best & worst VHS horror of the 80s & 90s, and this film is certainly one not to be missed for any self-respecting horror and indeed, film fan, so fill your stockings with Stevie and I as we dash through the snow of the history, trivia and ‘story’ beats of Don’t Open Till Christmas. Listen now on Apple podcasts, Amazon Music, Stitcher, Spotify and basically anywhere you listen to your pods!


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