#FFIDENT20 – FrightFest Opening Night of the Dawn of the 28th Day

Starring Andy Nyman, Emily Booth, Kim Newman, Jack Doolan, Adam Green & Joe Lynch.

This ident was directed by Cat Davies, James Moran & Matthias Hoene for the opening night of Arrow Video FrightFest 2019 – the 20th year of FrightFest. It was screened before the UK premiere of Come to Daddy at FrightFest.


A spoof of Suspiria directed by Cat Davies, written and produced by James Moran & Cat Davies and created for the opening night of Arrow Video Frightfest 2018.

This ident was screened before the UK premiere of The Ranger at FrightFest, to remind people to switch their phones.

Pink Teats

A spoof of Twin Peaks created by James Moran & Cat Davies. Davies also appears as The Body.

This ident was created for the opening night of Horror Channel Frightfest 2017, and screened on the IMAX screen at the Empire Cinema, Leicester Square, London just before the World Premiere of The Cult of Chucky.

Bloody Nurses

Directed by Damon Rickard, Davies stars as one of the three devilish bloody nurses.

This film was created for the Massive Blood Drive 2017 campaign, with a special extended version especially for Horror Channel Frightfest, Glasgow which features additional voice over by Davies.

Extracts included in the Soska Sisters Blood Drive PSA 2017 video:

FrightFest at 20,000 Feet

Created by James Moran for Horror Channel Frightfest 2016, with Camera by Cat Davies. This ident played before the opening film, My Father Die. Turn your bloody phone off!

Mina Murray’s Journal 

Executive Producer & Social Media Manager – Cat Davies

The award-winning British web series #vladaptation of the classic novel, Dracula. Written and directed by James Moran.

“Creepy and clever, it has an irresistibly likeable cast” ★★★★ SFX

“Could be the hippest retelling of Stoker’s novel yet” 8/10 Starburst

All fifteen episodes, plus extra now streaming on YouTube. More details at the Mina Murray’s Journal website.