UK Movie Premiere – Mr Holmes!

There aren’t many days in your life when you wake up knowing that you’ll attend a UK movie premiere and walk the ‘red’ carpet with Sir Ian McKellen, Sir Patrick Stewart and Laura Linney… I still have to pinch myself, but that’s what I was up to last night around London town. Yes, with the second biggest heels I own adorning my feet, I teetered down the red carpet in style to celebrate the release of Mr Holmes at the Odeon, Kensington.

You can watch my ‘red’ carpet Vine video here!

The film stars McKellen in the title role as a long-retired Holmes in his autumn years battling with physical frailty and an unreliable memory whilst trying to solve his career-ending unresolved case. It’s a real star turn by the actor who will no doubt be a hot contender for gongs for this one come awards season, but delightful cameos from Frances Barber, Frances de la Tour and Nicholas Rowe really brought a smile to my face. I won’t give away more than that, but see if you’re geeky enough to spot a nice little nod. I wasn’t at first – my guy had to point it out! Shame on me!

The film was introduced by its director, Bill Condon, and McKellen and co-stars Laura Linney and Milo Parker. As a girl from a little town, I certainly felt like I’d come a long way to be just a stone’s throw from them.

And no…I didn’t see McKellen and Stewart snogging (snore!) The film was more interesting.


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