Shortlisted for FILMD Grant & Writing a TV Pilot

Had great news recently – one of my latest short film projects as writer & director was shortlisted for a grant by FILMD, the fantastic independent FILM & TV production platform for cast, crew, & creative professionals, co-founded by the inspirational Craig Roberts (Phantom of the Open, Eternal Beauty) & Craig Heyworth.

It was an honour to be one of ten short films in contention for funding to boost projects and gave me a real buzz as I’m in the thick of writing new projects and editing/rewriting existing ones.

I’m marching on with this short film though and looking to put it into production in the coming months when I can come up for air. It’s gratifying when there is unexpected support for quiet projects that come from a place of passion. If you’re interested in hearing more and backing my short film, or supporting in-kind in some way, please drop me a note on my Contact page.

Aside from jumping back into making a short this year, I’ve just been through an intensive stretch of writing on a longer form idea I’ve had bouncing around my head. I was really proud to be part of the NFTS Wales cohort of writers on the esteemed Writing the TV Pilot course last month, supported by All3Media and an ex-TV drama commissioner.

I was living and breathing writing my pilot, which forms the basis of a returning comedy drama world I’ve created. It was a delight to fully immerse myself in the project for a rigorous spell – taking notes daily and writing and rewriting overnight and early mornings, then having readthroughs with actors and even pitching the piece. A truly great experience and I’m now making tweaks and will be casting it out into the world as part of my portfolio.

Here’s to 2023!

On writing team for ‘The Companion’ app & website – a treat for 90s scifi fans

I’m so happy to be part of the writing team on The Companion, a brand new app and website devoted to 90s scifi. There’ll be long reads, podcasts, daily trivia, infographics and artwork to indulge in as your companion to all the films and TV shows that made the era so special. From Armageddon to The X Files, The Companion is an insider look at who, how, and why our favourite films and shows were made from the cast, crew and experts who were there. As it’s app/website, the material will be up-to-date and it’ll always be with you in your pocket.

The Kickstarter campaign to raise a wedge of funds to aid the launch in August is now live and has already raised a huge proportion of the total needed in just two days, but there’s still a little way to go and great perks to be had – early bird subscription offers, art prints, enamel pins and more! Head over the the page for more details!